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Trifecta Review – Meal Plan Delivery

by healthyeat
Is meal prep hard and time consuming for you? Many people are struggling to eat healthy and prepare balanced meals at home. I love the concept of this organic meal plan program from Trifecta so I learned more about it! Here is my Trifecta Review so you can learn all about Trifecta. I believe diets don’t work and that a lifestyle change will help you with your weight loss goals. There are many options with Trifecta to help you meet your goals such as, customized meal choices, coaching, calorie tracking, and more.  You can see all of the options here.

  Trifecta founders and siblings Greg and Elizabeth Connolly always knew systematizing their diets was key to eating healthy. Greg was stuck in the monotony of weekly meal prepping, while Elizabeth suffered through frozen and overpriced food delivery. They needed a system that combined organic, healthy, delicious food that was cooked fresh, with convenience and a reasonable price, so they decided they were going to have to create it themselves. They began Trifecta because they believe there are three fundamental areas of health—mind, body, and social. These areas are interdependent, meaning you cannot thrive in one area without thriving in the others. Mental health is important for visualizing and actualizing your goals as well as developing the emotional intelligence to improve your social relationships. Physical health is the combination of nutrition and training and mental fortitude. Achieving a healthy body can transform all areas of your life. Our lives are defined by our relationships with other humans. A healthy social life requires a healthy physical and mental state.

  Trifecta gives you the food, the advice, and the community support you need to achieve your goals. The mission is to remove the possibility for diet failure by delivering fresh, healthy meals directly to your door. They offer six unique plans so you can enjoy delicious, healthy meals at home, in the office, or on the run. Stop worrying about your diet—leave the menu planning, shopping, and cooking to Trifecta. There are no commitments or fees and you can skip any week’s delivery in advance or cancel at any time. We believe that your purpose in life is to express the best version of yourself. Don’t wait to make a change.

  Get all the convenience of ready-made, macro balanced meals shipped right to your door with none of the hassles. Save time and let Trifecta do all the planning, shopping and cooking for you. Skip Weeks – Enjoy flexibility with your subscription by skipping weeks or going biweekly! We ask that you make the change in your account or reach out to us the Friday before your next scheduled delivery. Weekly Subscription – Sit back, relax, and put your healthy eating on autopilot with a weekly Trifecta subscription. Just pick the meal plan you like most, tell us how many meals you want each week, and then we’ll take care of the rest. All with free shipping! Cancel Anytime – You can rest easy knowing there are no commitments or contracts with your weekly subscription. To pause or cancel, just reach out to our customer success team a week in advance of your delivery and we’ll help you out! Money Back Guarantee – Buying a week’s worth of food online can feel scary. That’s why we’ll refund up to 10 meals from your meal plan or $119 of A La Carte items within your first delivery (within 10 days of receiving it) if you aren’t completely satisfied with your order.

  Trifecta organic meal delivery is great for people that want to eat healthy without the hassle of planning, cooking and shopping. It’s easy and convenient with healthy meals delivered to your door. The website and app are easy to use so ordering is hassle free. Meal choices vary and include: gluten free, whole30, paleo, keto friendly, vegan and more. Trifecta meal plans start at $99.99 per delivery and A La Carte comes out to $6 per meal with a minimum of $119.20 per delivery. They do the meal planning, shopping, and cooking, so you can focus on everything else.  You can see all of the menu options here. Keto Meal Plans: Savory and satisfying meals designed to cut carbs and include plenty of healthy fats, starting at $110.99 per delivery. If you’ve had a hard time sticking to traditional diets in the past that are lean and vegetable focused, keto may be a good match for you. Paleo Meal Plans: High-protein, paleolithic meals using only the freshest ingredients, starting at $110.99 per delivery. If you’re looking to lose your last 20lbs and are familiar with eating a very restrictive diet, Paleo might be the best fit for you. Vegan Meal Plans: Get 100% plant-based meals made with whole food ingredients, starting at $99.99 per delivery. If you’re looking to cut back on animal products and follow one of the most ethical diets that is great for the planet and your health, vegan could be right up your alley. Clean Meal Plans: Eliminate processed ingredients and get nutritious, macro balanced meals starting at $110.99 per delivery. If you haven’t been focused on your diet for a long time, and are significantly overweight, this is an easy transition from eating out regularly, because the meals are very similar to a casual restaurant’s meals but very healthy. Vegetarian Meal Plans: Dairy-free, plant-based meals made with whole food ingredients, starting at $99.99 per delivery. If you’re looking to cut back on animal proteins and follow one of the most ethical diets that’s is great for the planet and your health, Vegetarian might be the best fit for you. Classic Meal Plans: Choose your own meals with lean proteins, quality carbs, and veggies with minimal ingredients, starting at $119.20 per delivery. If you want to hand-pick the exact meals you want and get the maximum variety with no surprises, you’ll want to check these meals out. A La Carte: Curate your own meals and recipes by choosing only your favorite proteins, carbs, and veggies, starting at $119.20 per delivery. That comes out to about $6 per meal for 20 meals! If you want to hit your macros with as little effort as possible and build meals with your favorites, A La Carte may be a good fit for you. The cost for Trifecta can be quite hefty but you pay for what you get.  The convenience might be worth the cost to eat healthy.

  Your fitness goals, personal preferences, budget, lifestyle and health can all play a role in determining which style of eating fits your needs. The best weight loss diet for you is the one you can stick to long term. This means finding a healthy, balanced meal plan that includes foods that you enjoy eating. Identifying nutritious options that match your personal taste preferences is the best way to build better eating habits that stick around. If you love bread, pasta, and starchy foods, there’s no way you’ll survive on a low carb diet! You don’t have to sacrifice everything to get results.

Step one is choosing a plan with healthy foods that you enjoy eating. Then step, 2 is learning exactly how much of those foods you need (macro balance) to support your fitness goals – whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle. When it comes to managing diet related health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, most don’t realize the same basic healthy eating principles recommended for good health can also support your weight loss and fitness goals! Trifecta has great customer service and the meal plan can help you meet your goals. Take the quiz and get started today. I hope my Trifecta Review has helped you learn more about healthy meal plan delivery so you can make a good decision. Please leave a comment below if you have used it and share with readers everywhere. Looking for other meal delivery services to compare?  Check out Marley Spoon and Snap Kitchen.

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