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What is the Lomi Kitchen Composter? A Lomi Kitchen Composter Review

by healthyeat
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We used to have a backyard compost pile and while it was an amazing resource, it took years to get usable soil for our garden beds and indoor plants. We had to get into a good rhythm to have enough year after year. The Lomi lets us get small bits quickly to use in our smaller beds and plants. That’s the main thing I love about Lomi, how quickly it turns everyday food waste into usable material.

What is Lomi Kitchen Composter?
Lomi kitchen composters are a new way to compost your food scraps. Lomi lets you easily turn the waste from your kitchen into nutrient-rich soil for your garden or potted plants. You just put the waste in, and it’ll be ready for use within 4 hours!
Lomi is easy to use, affordable and fairly portable. They weigh about 22 pounds, so it is possible to move them if needed. The Lomi machine is 16″ by 14″ by 12″ – about the size of a bread maker or small toaster oven. They also look great! The first thing that struck me was how attractive they were, something I didn’t expect at all when I first heard about them.
How do you use Lomi compost?
Lomi is a composting system that can be used in the kitchen. It’s simple to use and requires very little maintenance. You get compost with just the push of a button. It also fits a surprising amount of food scraps inside the basin.

To get started, simply place the Lomi in your kitchen and do your part by adding scraps from the table or sink to the top of it. The Lomi will convert organic matter into compost over time, which can be used as fertilizer for plants or soil. When it’s full and ready to process, just empty out its contents into a traditional composter or bin made specifically for this purpose.
How long does it take? That depends on how much waste you produce and how often you empty out your Lomi. If you are running a small family of about 2 people, it will take longer to fill than if you use it with your family of 6. Regardless of when you fill it, the Lomi composts the material inside in roughly 4 hours. Some people run their cute little composter every evening at the end of the day, depending on how much waste they add.
Does Lomi actually make compost?
Yes, it does! Lomi makes composting easier because you don’t have to rely on animal and vegetable matter in your backyard (or elsewhere) to create the right environment for decomposition. Instead, you can use just about any leftover food product as an ingredient in making Lomi compost. Then all you need to do is keep adding more ingredients over time until it’s full enough to fun the composter. Within several hours, the home composting will be complete and you will have a small compost bucket of material to add to your plant life.

What can go into a Lomi?
Orange peels, apple cores, soft bones, coffee grounds, tofu, vegetables, tea bags, and fruits are all great items to put in your Lomi. Their website even says you can compost your Pela phone case, one of the world’s compostable phone cases! The Lomi can also take compostable plastics. Learn more about compostable plastics here.
Keep an eye out for plastic packaging that may be hidden inside the items you collect. If you see a piece of plastic, remove it before putting the item into the Lomi.
Don’t put meat, fish, hard bones, avocado pits, or oils into the Lomi because they can attract pests like fruit flies.

What is Lomi Kitchen Composter?
Simply put, Lomi is a simple way to turn stinky, organic waste into usable dirt in just a few hours. It uses fragmented waste to create more surface area for microbes to accelerate the composting process. Since the scraps are made into smaller pieces, the entire process takes significantly less time than traditional composting.
Lomi is an easy way to compost at home. Composting can be a messy and smelly process, but Lomi makes it easy for anyone to do it in the comfort of their own home. The best part about this product is that it does not require any maintenance or special tools! All you have to do is open up your Lomi composter when you have scraps to discard of and run it as it works for your schedule. It’s that easy.
How does Lomi from Pela work?
Lomi is a small, hand-powered composter that uses the natural process of decomposition to eat up food scraps and turn them into nutrient-rich compost.
The top chamber contains your food waste—anything from coffee grounds to banana peels can be thrown in there. To start the process, simply press the button on the front. The machine works sort of like a dehydrator in that it dries the contents and grinds them up.  For more product reviews, check out Vitamix FoodCycler Review – A Simple Indoor Composter? or How To Compost In A Bin – And What Is Black Gold?

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