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Is Jicama Good For You?

by healthyeat
Right before we ask the question- Is Jicama good for you, you might be wondering what in the world is Jicama anyway? It’s actually a rooty bulb that has the sweetness close to an apple but is a little bit like a potato. It’s more common in Mexican dishes and is often called the Mexican Turnip and sometimes the Mexican potato. Let’s find out what else Jicama is good for and is jicama healthy. Just like turnip, Jicama can be eaten raw and cooked in savory dishes. You need to use a potato peeler to remove the skin and slice it any way you like. It’s not uncommon to find street vendors in Mexico selling Jicama in bags since they are refreshing on hot days and have a very satisfying crunch to them. You can eat Jicama everyday and there is a very good reason why. It’s actually packed with nutrients and serves as an excellent source of antioxidants. More than one Jicama is not advised since it’s full of fiber, so too much can ultimately lead to stomach aches and even constipation. You can only eat the flesh inside so the outside peel needs to be removed before eating it. The skin is also toxic, so you’ll want to be sure to remove all of the outer skin and wash off any residue. Aside from that, it’s the perfect snack if you want to lose weight and is recommended for those who are diabetic and like sweets.

There are lots of ways to enjoy Jicama that are healthy organic solutions in your daily diet. You can slice Jicama into thin strips and eat it as a snack. You can also grate or chop it into salads. It can also be put into stir fry dishes, baked in casseroles, and even makes outstanding coleslaw! If you haven’t thought to add this into soups and stews, Jicama adds a whole new layer of flavor that you’ll enjoy right away. It can be grilled, baked, roasted, steamed, and fried, and not to forget that it still retains a significant crunch if you don’t overcook it! It also pairs great with other rooty buddies like the Jerusalem Artichokes. This is another root that is completely edible and is related to the sunflower and is sometimes called a sunchoke. Find jicama in my favorite charcuterie cup recipe for Mexican Charcuterie Cups.

Mexican Charcuterie Board Cups (Cinco de Mayo STYLE)

One of the best attributes of Jicama is that your body will thank you for all the health benefits it can add. For this little bulbous root, it sure does pack a punch. Fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants- oh my!  It’s not just a great source of fiber and vitamins but has a whole slew of antioxidants that will boost your immune system. Keto Bomb – It contains only 38 calories and 9 grams of carbs (per 100-gram serving), so those who love the Keto diet will want to stock up. A Jicama a day – It’s also an excellent source of natural Vitamin C, and further has iron and magnesium. No more moody blues – It has been proven to improve your mood and increase concentration thanks to Vitamin B6. Pumps you up – It also helps to improve blood circulation and keeps your bones healthy from magnesium and iron. Belly buddy – When it comes to building good gut bacteria, Jicama will help your digestion and keeps you regular due to the high fiber content. Great for diets – It also helps you to lose weight because the fiber helps fill you up and prevents you from feeling hungry later. Have a healthier heart – Jicama can even lower the risk of cardiovascular problems since it contains anti-homocysteine properties. These work to reduce the amino acids that are the direct cause of heart problems, making them the best for your overall health and wellness. Now that you know- why is Jicama good for you, the only bigger question is finding where they’re selling Jicama. If you’ve ever been to a Farmer’s market before, you’ll likely find Jicama very easily. It’s also fair to say that Mexican produce markets are your best bet for finding Jicama plentiful. You can even find it being sold at your local market for a rock bottom price! Thankfully, Jicama is easier to find than you probably thought.

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