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How anyone can use a continuous glucose monitor to improve their health

by healthyeat

Are you looking to learn more about your health? Maybe you want to try a new style of eating, or understand how different foods effect you. It turns out, you can learn a lot about your body using a continuous glucose monitor, even if you aren’t diabetic or have insulin sensitivity issues. It helps you to understand how your body uniquely reacts to different foods, workouts, and other stressors; it can help you see how insulin sensitive or resistant you are during different times, and how well your body returns back to homeostasis; and it can help you individualize your diet and lifestyle to better support your unique physiology and goals.

Ashleigh experimented with a NutriSense CGM for two weeks, tracked the data, and asked Kara Collier, director of nutrition for NutriSense, to help interpret her results as well as answer questions from listeners. They also discussed the differences in results if you’re keto or not keto; the time of your monthly cycle, if you’re a female; and possible “experiments” you can try with your CGM.

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